Forgiveness Worn

Forgiveness Worn.

Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone.
Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

Colossians 3:13 NIV

It was a tough fight, but I finally did it. New Year’s Eve was my deadline. It was beautiful. It fit me perfectly. I loved how the silky texture felt and how the rich chocolate brown color highlighted my skin. My favorite part was the built in brown crystalline adornment…no need for jewelry or embellishments.

But, for two plus years it has served me no purpose. You see, due to the mishandling of my beloved blouse, it had two spots in a very conspicuous place. I am not sure how those pesky stains got there, but they were positioned dead center on the belly of the blouse. No self-respecting woman wants anything pointing to her gut.
I wore sweaters over it. Covered it with jackets and vests. Did everything to hide those devilish spots. However, no matter what I tried or how often I tried, as pristine as the rest of my precious possession was, those stubborn stains left scathing evidence of a part “unclean!”

As we move into 2015, let us remind ourselves that clinging to past hurts, holding grudges and choosing to walk in unforgiveness is very much like my brown blouse. If we profess a new life in Christ but then mishandle this life but letting in these kinds of stains, we will find ourselves dirty no matter what we try.
Why waste any more time with something that serves you no purpose other than to take up closet space in your mind? Whether or not the offender can apologize, chooses to apologize or (as in the case of my blouse) even knows they did anything wrong, it is up to you to do a wardrobe change. The process of allowing Christ to clean you includes…. Letting Go! Just like Christ forgave you and does not hold sin against you, Colossians 3:13 urges us to do the same. Not just cover to wear later (or use at a more opportune time,) but to choose to wear forgiveness instead.

So as I removed my brown beauty from its hanger, I took one last look at those stains, proceeded to make the long walk to the garbage can, stopped and used it to clean something off the counter to really ruin it so I would not be tempted to continue to hold on.  Finally, let it and myself free.

So, who’s up for a trip for a new unstained life and a new blouse for me? 

Father, in the Name of Jesus, according to your Word I want to forgive and set free, the same way you have forgiven and set me free. Lord, help me release these stains on my life so I can walk clean in you again. I thank you in advance for the newness of wearing forgiveness. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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