It requested to repost this thought from almost five years ago.   God has done wonders since then!!!!!

 Pink Polka Dotted Elephants.  That is what I call thoughts that come from out of nowhere to distract you from focusing on what is right and good. The Bible instructs us to think on those things that are lovely, things that are pure, and are in line with the Word of God.  It instructs us know that God has a plan for our good and our welfare.

But tonight, after taking my usual bedtime routine of potions, pills and injections and all the other expensive crap designed to keep me breathing …. along came that stupid elephant in the room.

No…. I wasn’t high off of anything… LOL.   He had come to visit because someone had posed the question earlier “Are You Afraid Of Dying Young?”.  I didn’t answer the human who said it…. but apparenlty inquiring devils wanted to know.

I tried quoting reaffirming scripture after scripture in my head to make the stupid thought go away.   “Jesus Bore My Sickness and Carried My diseases and By His Stripes I am Healed. “I shall live and not die but declare the works of the Lord”. But to no avail….the little imp was determined to interrupt my sleep.

So here is how I answered to make him run back into his imaginary evil world.  NO….I am not afraid of dying young… but rather I am more afraid of PEOPLE who will watch me grow old but try to make me live like I am dying.

They  mean well.. but do they really have to remind me of how bad I look everytime they see me.  Yes,   I know what the doctors said.. But I also know what Jesus died for.  My symptoms are just that, symptoms of lying vanities……. because I know I am already healed.   Wether it manifests for you to see is not my problem or God’s.  Could you please just rejoice in the hope and testimony I am aiming for?  And No, I am not putting down my microphone.  I am pretty sure my head wont explode while hitting a high note.  And yes, I laugh and think it is funny that you don’t know me well enough to know that I dont intend to lay myself away and just accept anything.

Pink Polka Dotted Elephants In the Room beware the Overcomer has come!   You may not  always be able to  ignore the silly thoughts the devil sends.  But remember the devil knows that he has already lost (big dummy)…. he is just trying to trick you into focusing on lies and stupidty. The only way he can beat you is if you allow your imagination to run in his direction.   Address  those contradicting thoughts what with you know to be true about God’s Word instead….thoughts of healing, prosperity, love and dreams of the good things God wants for you in a life more abundantly.

So enough of the elephants .  Back to hell’s zoo they go!  For Good this time.


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