Got Lessons ?

I woke up early (as usual) almost on the verge of tears, not because I am missing her so much today (she left us on Valentines 2000), but because in a dream she asked me, “Have you gotten the lessons yet?” So I began to think about the last day before she slipped away :

In our very last full conversation she attempted to tell me (a married woman with 3 young kids at time) the birds and the bees. We cracked each other up on that one.

In the emergency room, she eyes the ginger ale I was drinking and says she is thirsty. I offer her mine and she says no, ” bring me a fresh one, one of my own.”

She warns me, in her own way, that it would be her last Valentines, “wash my face, I have a date with Jesus”

Finally, her last statement was “go on now, you got work to do”.

Lesson 1: You are Never too Old to Learn or Laugh
Lesson 2: Only quench your thirst in life with the very best available to you.
Lesson 3: Make Jesus the most important relationship of your life and be prepared for the date!
Lesson 4: Always walk in your calling, though sometimes it hurts.

Thank you Mama, still taking care of me beyond space, time and distance. Enjoy your hula!

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