It’s a fight

Trying to stay quiet cause my soul hurts. But I see the division amongst friends, family and houses of worship on the best way to handle all of this and to make sure it does not continue to plague our people.

The truth of the matter, we have a common goal for peace, for liberty, for justice and health both physical and mental. Our minds, our experiences and our faith dictate to us the push or the pull methods to get it done.

Honestly though, my biggest pains are not knowing exactly what has the impact and what will have the quickest but lasting results.

Is it fight in prayer? Is it fight with fist? Is it fight in separation? Is it fight for equality or for equity? Is it fight with my money? Is it not fight at all?

But, while we fight against a common enemy of oppression, let us not fight each other….at least not with disrespect. None of us are entirely right. Nor are any of us entirely wrong.

Some where in the middle is leadership and a plan. Be heard. Be silent. Be whatever you are called to be. But please let us not be against each other.

Many roads will lead to a common place. Let’s get there together.

2 thoughts on “It’s a fight

  1. This is beautiful. If found a lot of pain come from my own family and friends because they were hiding a deep hidden secret. It hurts when the ones you love the most think hate and oppression of POC is acceptable. I remain lead by God, I’m thankful He hears our prayers.


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