I don’t give because I am rich. I give because I have to trust God for every dime.

I don’t sing because I am happy all the time. I sing because I know He is with me even when I can’t trace the process.

I don’t write because I am gifted. I write because I need to always hear His word speaking to me.

I don’t cry because I am weak. I cry because I know He has plans for me.

I don’t lay hands because I think I am a miracle worker. I lay hands because He worked a miracle in me.

I don’t love hard because I am needy. I love hard because He loves hard.

I don’t believe but I am so super in faith. I believe because He has never lost a battle.

I don’t walk this life because I chose it. I walk this life because He chose me

No need to remind me that I am not perfect.
I know already.
God knows already.
His definition of perfect is His alone to use.

-From the Ministry of The Misfit – Michelle Gillison-Robinson

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