While discussing the miracle of my newest grandson’s birth, someone commented on how they can’t believe how any woman could abort a baby.

As I pondered, my tears told me that no one wants to kill a child, they are actually trying to kill OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS.

It made me remember hiding the fact that I had a child during high school to keep the school system from putting me out and condemning me to the Park School for Girls where you were taught that your life was over. There was never a mention of this torture for boys.

My son was 3 when he took ill during my senior year and I missed a lot of days while still maintaining honor roll. My guidance counselor tried his best to cover me (God Bless You Mr Kitt) but when the Honor Society found about my “indiscretions and extracurricular activities” they stripped my credentials. Though I ranked in the top 10% of my class, I was not given the honor stoll or pin when graduating. Nevertheless, my favorite picture from that time was me in my cap and gown with baby Josiah on my hip.

Process for college took longer. Worked two jobs. One to live and one for daycare and all to avoid welfare and the stares of people outside the office of welfare lines. Young, black, female, poor and presumed worthless.

I remember ugly comments. Some from family. Lost friends. Sat in the back of church. Smelled like fast food grease. Fell asleep in books.

It was hard. I stayed tired. But MY Choice was worth it. But I would not have made it without the support of an army of aunties, uncles, babysitters, my mom and grandma, a pastor who loved ” the little king” and Mr.Kitt who saw nothing but potential and allowed me space in his office to cry regularly.

If you truly want to end this, then let’s create JUDGEMENT FREE ZONES where women don’t carry stigma in society, shame in religion, loss of opportunity in the workplace, prevention of education, and degragation of income. Men don’t suffer with this to the point that they worry about choice.

So instead, let there be supportive measures in each segment, home, church,, work AND government, that facilitate healthy family rights options or expedient, less costly adoptions.

Don’t be the type that condemns birth control or “giving away a baby” while at the same complaining about every program to feed, shelter and educate that child once it’s born.

Let each of our opinions be replaced with SANCTUARY HEARTS where children survive because their mother’s feel safe to live.

So before you pick up another picket sign calling these women murders ask yourself:
Why men in these situations can ” get away with murder” and nobody points a finger?

And the big one:

Did your MOUTH PIECE or eye roll provide the motive?

#sanctuaryheart #ministryofthemisfit #Marysbaby

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